Tank-o-Box 1.2.1

A gripping battle arcade game

Tank-o-Box is a nice, trial version game only available for Mac, that belongs to the category PC games with subcategory Arcade.

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Tank-o-Box is a nice, trial version game only available for Mac, that belongs to the category PC games with subcategory Arcade.

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Since we added this game to our catalog in 2006, it has already reached 2,230 downloads, and last week it had 0 downloads.About the download, Tank-o-Box is a light game that will require less free space than the average game in the section PC games. The game version is 1.2.1 and it has been updated on 8/18/2006. Tank-o-Box is available for users with the operating system Mac OS X and previous versions, and you can get it only in English.

Tank-o-Box is a new action-packed remake of a classic arcade battle tank game. Modern 3D graphics, 3D sound (*) and fancy game engine guarantee the ultimate battle-tanking experience. The game action takes place on the battlefield, where your tank and your enemies appear. Your mission is to destroy all enemy tanks and defend your headquarters. Here are its main characteristics:

The game

In this battle arcade you must operate the tank and protect your headquarters from the formidable enemy while enduring 55 fiercest tank battles that unfold on the imaginary writing-desk between amusing kid's sketches and office stationery.

Completing the assignment will not be an easy job as you have to resist the deadly onslaught of 8 different types of tanks and armored vehicles that turn your desk into another Stalingrad. Your survival technique will be to take advantage of the terrain and maneuver between numerous natural and artificial obstacles while preparing for the next gunshot.

Field Bonuses

Along the way, you must collect bonuses ranging from Enemy Freeze and Air Strike to Tank Upgrade and Extra Life as they can significantly increase your survival chances.

Extra mode

In the latest version of Tank-o-Battle you will discover the new Extra mode offering 99 lives to enjoy the non-stop battle with hundreds of tanks, rocket launchers and armed vehicles.

Hot seat

Also, you can choose single player or play co-op multiplayer with a friend as you march and fight together against the savage enemy.


Featuring 3D digital sound encoded to five full-bandwidth channels, the game exposes players to terrific Dolby Surround sound effects. With the game supporting feedback mouse and joysticks, players may experience even more realistic gameplay than ever before.



Tank-o-Box 1.2.1

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